St. Matthew Parish Carnival, May 5- 7, 2017
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Volunteer for Carnival 2017

Check out the ways you can get involved in Carnival 2017! This year, Carnival is a 3-day event (Friday 5pm-11pm, Saturday Noon-10pm and Sunday, Noon-5pm), so there is something for everyone to fit your weekend schedule.

Sign Up Online to Volunteer

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Volunteers are needed in the following categories:

There are over 900 volunteer shifts to fill this weekend, so take the time and look for something that you like!

Come join the fun, Carnival Weekend will be the place to be (!) and get a jump start to your 2017-2018 volunteer hours!

Any questions, contact Christa Khoury at

St. Matthew Catholic Church • One Notre Dame Avenue • San Mateo, CA 94402
St. Matthew Parish Carnival, May 5 - 7, 2017